GNSS Positioning for Machine Control

Although it was firstly envisioned for military use, the GPS (Global Positioning System) was the first GNSS system that was free to use by civilians. It [...]

China Launching the BeiDou IGSO Spacecraft

The benefits of GNSS are too many to count. Today, the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) provides a host of services and applications to military, [...]

The Use of GPS in UAVs

UAVs are pilotless aircraft with many potential and practical applications in surveying and mapping, exploration and geophysics, surveillance, and even [...]

GIS Needs Assessment

GIS stands for Geographical (or Geospatial) Information System. It is a computer system designed to capture, store, manage, and display various types of [...]

Coming Soon in GNSS

Soon there will be over 120 navigation satellites in orbit from GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS, and IRNSS. Subsequently, as new satellites come [...]

GNSS Technology in 2016

What can we expect from GNSS technology in 2016? If we look back in time when the first GPS signal was transmitted, we can easily notice the speed this [...]

The Evolution of GNSS Technology

As GNSS technology is advancing and becoming less expensive, it's starting to find its use in a broad range of applications. We can only expect more and [...]

Atlas® GNSS Global Correction Service: Q&A

Q: What is the difference between Atlas and “PPP”? Is Atlas a PPP service?

A: Atlas employs some of the GNSS techniques and concepts that are commonly [...]

Case Study: Saving Time with Atlas® and AtlasLink®

Located in Santiago, Chile, Mr. Alejandro Plaza, Director of Servicio de Buceo Professional (Professional Diving Services) has integrated Atlas and [...]

GPS World Webinar

Hemisphere GNSS recently partnered with GPS World to bring you New Generation GNSS Solutions: Precise Positioning, Navigation & Applications. Click here [...]