Case Study: Saving Time with Atlas® and AtlasLink®

Located in Santiago, Chile, Mr. Alejandro Plaza, Director of Servicio de Buceo Professional (Professional Diving Services) has integrated Atlas and AtlasLink to bring effective and time efficient solutions to his customers.

In this particular case, a customer needed to establish a position in the ocean with 30 cm accuracy in order to install gas pipe valves at approximately 30 meters in depth. The challenge was to locate a point on the bottom of the ocean and leave a cement monument (1 sq. meter) with a buoy attached to mark its location in the north of Chile where RTK is not readily available.

Within 2 working hours the project was complete. The acquired accuracy was less than 10 cm, which contributed to the saving of time and ultimately, money by avoiding the need to establish a known point.

The proposed solution by SBPRO was simply the best option for the customer considering the time frame they had to work with.

“AtlasLink is definitely a friendly receiver; from the size of the unit, to the minimum number of connections and cables that you use for configuration, not to mention the precision offered on-site. Before, we used equipment that provided similar corrections but never a unit with this level of versatility”, stated Mr. Plaza.

Speed was a critical element in this project as the crew was working against the clock, accounting for ocean conditions as well as the second phase of this project that needed to be complete immediately afterwards. The customer was pleased to check that the work was done with no issues and the obtained accuracy, 10 cm, was obtained beyond their 30 cm specification.