ION GNSS + 2020


The Institute of Navigation (ION) ION GNSS+, was held virtually September 22nd- September 25th, 2020. Combining seminars and GNSS courses that open up a forum to discuss new GNSS technologies in navigation and timing fields, ION GNSS+ provides a platform to discuss current policy, demonstrate products, and exchange ideas. 

Hemisphere displayed its recently announced Phantom™ and Vega™ OEM positioning and heading boards and next-generation ASIC technology. 

In addition to exhibiting, several Hemisphere engineers attended conferences. They found the show extremely informative and educational. One of Hemisphere’s engineers stated, “ION GNSS+ is a great place to get up-to-date information on GNSS related research and products. I am mostly interested in precise positioning applications and research, and current status of the GNSS constellations. ION GNSS+ is one of the few conferences that offer these presentations and seminars. Conferences are also a place to connect with other professionals to discuss technical interest, and to establish business relationships.”

Hemisphere’s virtual exhibition was well attended and highly successful throughout the ION GNSS+ event. We look forward to seeing everyone live at ION GNSS+ 2021!