2018 UniStrong Global Partner Summit: United, Stronger Together

On February 28, 2018, UniStrong once again welcomed dealers, distributors, and partners from North America, Europe, China, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific to its highly successful second annual Global Partner Summit.

This year’s event saw more than 400 individuals gather in Shenzhen, China to participate in the summit with the main theme being, ‘United. Stronger Together.’ The purpose of the event was for UniStrong and its subsidiary companies, including Hemisphere and Stonex, to showcase new, upcoming, and complimentary products, solutions, and technologies for the global geospatial marketplace.

The morning consisted of general plenary sessions presented by Xinping Guo (Founder & President of UniStrong), Farlin Halsey (President & CEO of Hemisphere, pictured above), and Siqing Guo (CEO of Stonex). Strategic OEM partners also participated and presented on their past, current, and future business relationships and application successes with the UniStrong group.


The afternoon held breakout sessions including more focused presentations on business strategies for markets and segments including marine, machine control & guidance, precision agriculture, Atlas GNSS global correction service, survey, and other high-precision applications.

The success of the second event, and the apparent synergy between UniStrong and its subsidiaries, has demonstrated that being united really does make us stronger together. The third annual UniStrong Global Partner Summit will be held in Beijing, China in February 2019.